Tenses exercise for beginners

Do you remember by blog on tenses? Well, here´s an excercise to practice!

Fill in the correct tense of the verb in brackets:

A Great Holiday

I_______ (go) to Mexico last year with my girlfriend. We_____(go) by plane. First we__________(stay) in Cancún. Our hotel_______(be) really nice, and there______(be) a big swimming pool. There______(be) a beautiful beach too. We ________(swim) every day and the sea_______(be) very warm. Then we___________(travel) round Yucatan Peninsula by bus, We _____(see) Chichen Itza. It_______(be) fantastic.

I_____________(recommend) Mexico. It______(be) beautiful country, the people________(be) very friendly, and the weather______(be) great.

Next week you will get the answers! And I´ll write a more difficult text for the advanced students to try. Have a great week!